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Our Vision is to stand for a positive influence and family at any event. We want people to recognize that we are a family of cyclists that has a positive impact in whatever endeavor we choose to participate.
Big Pig Racing exists because each individual member shares a common commitment to:

Maintaining Trails
Help maintain and improve off-road trails

We organize and volunteer at local racing and riding events.

Supporting the Community
We support each other and the off-road cycling community (at events and on trails).

Challenging Ourselves and Others
We challenge ourselves and others to perform at our best both on and off the bike.

Fighting Cancer
We continue committing to the fight against cancer through the Big Pig Cancer Foundation

Eating Bacon
It’s good for the soul!

Members of Big Pig Racing…

  • Hate cancer
  • Volunteer at some level to help and support the Ray Porter 6-hour memorial race
  • Advocate for the cycling community and its efforts for off road cycling opportunities
  • Lead, participate, and volunteer
  • Promote the positive side of cycling and serve as examples for the cycling community as racers and volunteers
  • Enjoy bacon in its many, many forms, and if not, spread the word about this glorious food